Pool Tiles Caprici specialise in detailed graphic images. We can replicate any photograph with stunning detail whether it is a floral image, random pattern or a specific photograph.

Our technology is the latest and every image is hand made following our computer generated patterns. We recently proudly supplied Chadstone five star hotel with an mosaic image made up of more than 16,000 individual glass tiles

Pool Tiles Caprici Australian leading brand for Swimming Pool Tiles

Glass Pool Tiles

Pool Tiles Caprici are synonymous with aquatic luxury

Caprici Pool Tiles is one of the leading swimming pool tile wholes distributors Australia wide..

We are specialist in requirements to any types of tiles for swimming pools. The tiles of Pool Tiles Carpici can be used on all projects from contemporary to Mediterranean, from retro to minimalist. Glass mosaic tile has always been the most versatile and elegant choice for pools. Custom made unique designs that make your project stand out are available here. Pool tiles Caprici is not only aesthetically appealing but are very functional as well.

For wholesale enquiries please email :sales@pooltilescaprici.com

Create Opulence with Caprici Glass Swimming Pool Tiles

Luxury swimming pool tiles

Create a luxurious look with the aesthetic prestige of our latest designs. Caprici Range has a large selection of mosaics and collections with exclusive custom designs. We have a number of distributors and you will be able to order our tiles from anywhere. Pool tiles Caprici will enhance the indubitable glass qualities and decorative values and create the ambience of the ultimate luxury. We have Balinese swimming pools tiles and custom make glass tiles from 15mm to 200mm.

We are a leading brand of pool tiles, available at wholesalers please contact us and we will find the nearest wholesaler to you.

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