Tips on how to clean your swimming pool

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Tips on Cleaning Your Pool


When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool, blue pool. If you have your own personal pool, you can enjoy it whenever you like! Numerous men and women like to use the public pools because the cost, care and maintenance of a personal pool is too high.

However it doesn’t have to be! Learning how to clean your personal pool is a wonderful method to save on your monthly bill and also help make sure you know what is going in to your water. Follow these actions and you can be on your way to a clean swimming pool in no time!

1. You’ll require a couple of tools for the job. Get together a leaf skimmer, a swimming pool vacuum, a wall and floor brush, an algae cleaner plus a tile brush. These tools are need for ultimate protection.

2. Use a swimming pool vacuum for the walls and floor of the pool to clean the pool a minimum of one time each week, even if your pool has an automatic cleaning pump installed.

This way you know for certain that just about every surface has been cleaned properly, as a lot of automatic-cleaning systems and vacuums can miss parts in the swimming pool. Invest additional time around the corners and stairs that may not get the same kind of circulation of water, thus not get cleaned out as much. Vacuum back and forth across the swimming pool, overlapping slightly on each and every stroke so that you are covering the whole pool with your vacuum.

3. Use the leaf skimmer to grab any floating objects (leaves, mostly) ahead of time. Do this so that they do not sink to the bottom in the swimming pool and make it harder to clean out. By keeping up with this on a regular basis, you assure that the pool’s circulation system stays at maximum efficiency and also you cut down the need to put in dangerous chemicals like chlorine.

4. Clean out the strainer baskets and keep them fresh at all times by cleaning them out frequently. This is vital for the function in the circulation system to work properly. The automated circulation system is probably the pool’s greatest tool for staying clean without maintenance. Do this at least once a week, particularly if your vacuum is connected to its personal skimmer.

5. Clean the pool walls at the very least after a week, so you may distinct them of calcium scale and algae buildup. Pick your cleaning method based on the type of pool you have. If you own a plaster-lined concrete pool, it is proably best to use a stiff clean. If you have a simple fiberglass or vinyl pool, you may need a softer cleaning method. The same is true of tiled pools.

6. You need to check the pH of your pool regularly to make sure that bacteria and algae don’t flourish. Use a sanitizer to assist in fighting bacteria, and shock the pool on a regular basis to retain the drinking water as clear as probable.

These are just some of the basics of keeping your pool clean, good luck!

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