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Pool tiles by Caprici: Experience aquatic luxury
The look of the pool is definitely important as it is a definite asset to the property; moreover, you always want your pool to be inviting. Tiling a pool always gives it the premium finish that simple concrete or mosaic finish simply cannot achieve. A Caprici glass pool tile creates opulence and a quality luxurious look exquisitely covering space. Many homeowners opt for glass tiles because of its shimmering beauty – especially when submerged. The vibrant colors that glisten from beneath the crystal clear water never fails to captivate homeowners or their guests.

The role of tiles for swimming pools began exclusively at the water line, and then expanded into a variety of different applications. As pool design evolved from simple rectangular pools of the 50s into more elaborate and highly engineered water features, tile integration has undergone a complete metamorphosis. Yet, despite such expansive changes, it’s also returning to the 50s look up scaled with modern materials to suit ultra contemporary home design.

Why choose Caprici pool tiles?

It is this superior appearance of glass tile that entices people to undertake these large projects. Pool tiles Caprici have decorative elements of the utmost luxury and aesthetic prestige. The range of tiles for swimming pools solutions from formal to modern, the Caprici swimming pool tiles are truly capable of enhancing the indubitable material qualities and decorative values. Pool designs either border patterns or feature designs on the floor with the iridium glass range can make your pool standard with a unique style, beauty and elegance.

Our motif’s and custom designed feature walls are used by many architects to achieve a gorgeous result of elegance and unique style. With a folio of significant luxury contemporary projects Caprici mosaic pool tiles has established itself as an acknowledged leader in the world of pool mosaics.

Our mosaics are a vital element of your pool project that defines an atmosphere of glamour. Enhance the tangible beauty, decorative custom made motifs displaying sumptuous prestige. Caprici swimming pool tiles used to create an atmosphere of elegance, achieve the ambiance of a luxury hotel while maintaining affordable price tag.