New Style of Glass Tiles

Information on glass tiles including iridescent glass mosaic tiles

The fantastic aspect of mosaic tiles are their ability to be versatile and the many styles and design that can be created from these wonderful tiles. Mosaic tiles have been around for centuries and the concept is not new but they have evolved over the years and there are now more styles and designs that can be used to create absolutely any design style. Mosaic tiles do not have follow a pattern and home owners can create their own design style which makes using and creating mosaic designs very exciting.

Mosaic tiles can be any tile material and there are plenty of them, glass tile mosaics are beautiful and very widely used in both bathrooms and kitchens but there are different types of glass tile mosaics. The iridescent glass mosaic tiles offer many colour variations and this particular style of glass will add shimmer and wonderful mirror image colours that can create real illusions for bathrooms and kitchens. Iridescent glass tile mosaics can be used on backsplash areas and in shower areas within the bathroom where a combination of two colours can be used to create a real individual design style.

The vitreous glass tile mosaics are fabulous tiles that are incredibly strong and durable, resistant to frost and will last the test of time. These beautiful tiles are available in many colour variations and will add real design and style. They are commonly used within the home but because they are so versatile, they are commonly used in exterior applications such as swimming pools where they will create a real colour mirage with the combination of lights and water.

The colours available in the vitreous mosaic glass tiles are endless and they fit in beautifully with traditional, contemporary and very modern settings. The tiles can be purchased on a sheet for easy installation or home owners can purchase the mosaic tiles individually and make up their own unique design style.

Travertine mosaic tiles are another very popular mosaic tile to use within the home and they can be used almost anywhere. Travertine has been used as a building material for many years and as well as its strength, it offers outstanding beauty for the home.  The rich gold shades of travertine mosaic tiles will blend in and compliment any existing decor and they can be used on backsplash areas and in many places around the bathroom.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to mosaic tiles and home owners should take the time to look at the different options, as there are many.

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