Glass Mosaic Tile Art of Swimming Pool Design

One of the reason why many home owners or engineers use glass mosaic tile art for their pool tiles is there are lots of colors, sizes and styles available. Some have a reflective quality, while some glass mosaic tile art are opaque and others are semi-transparent. These stunning features can be used for endless possibility of design.

Glass Mosaic Tile Art

Caprici Glass tiles will add elegance and luxury to your swimming pool tiles. Designs can be custom made to make a unique beautiful project.

Advantages of using Glass Mosaic Tile Art  Availability

Having so many variants to choose from also means more combination of unique qualities that work for many different looks and effects. From simple glass mosaic tile art design to more complex such as photo luminescent tiles that can give off stored energy or light at night. The possibilities are endless in order to create the desired concept and unique design.


Whether you are using the simple glass mosaic art tiles or the more complex features as your tiles for swimming pools, it’s a guarantee that the outcome will be really stunning. One common design where glass mosaic tile art are mostly used is the vanishing edge effect. This is where one side of the pool has no coping, instead the top of the swimming pool wall is flat and lower than the surrounding coping creating an effect that as if you could fall on that side of the swimming pool.

Serves as a Warning

More importantly, the colorful glass mosaic tile art also help to avoid accidents from people jumping into the pool and hitting a step or swim out that cannot be seen because the step or swim out is the same color as the rest of the pool interior. This can be a spine-jarring hazard if you jump in and don’t see the underwater object lurking below. The answer for this is to have your pool contractor install a row or two of the brightly colored glass tiles along the outer edge and in the center of the underwater hazard.