Caprici Collections

tiles for swimming pools

Not only manufactured with the highest quality but are also functionality durable and water resistant. The glass tiles range by Caprici represent a  selection of mosaic moods / Glass tiles add an element of luxury and the unique reflective properties of glass create glamour.
The unique designs can be custom made to suit your surroundings and be a center piece of art in your own home.

The iridescent pearl shimmers with spectacular effect providing continuous scene changes.

Exquisite Caprici glass pool tile mosaics contribute quality and elegance to the overall design of any swimming pool project.

Enhancing this architectural project the exquisite mosaics from the Caprici collections used in this project give a definitive glamorous look.

Caprici glass pool tiles  contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the entire project.

The Caprici glass swimming pool tiles collection compliments from a very contemporary architectural style to classic styles. Caprici mosaics exude decorative elements of the utmost luxury.
Bringing Hollywood glamour to your pool and aesthetic prestige with opulent Caprici tiles. 
Luminous crystal glass tiles enable the light to come through and reflect with spectacular effects.

Create a highly personalized look with decorative glass tiles by Caprici.
 Our folio of significant luxury contemporary projects have made Caprici Mosaics an acknowledged leader in the world of glass mosaics.

Glass tiles offer a unique look and unmatched shininess compared with other materials. Translucent tiles can add an unusual effect of depth to surfaces that’s unlike any other material. Glass tiles are also resistant to stains, mildew and allergens. They’re easy to wipe clean and do not stain.

The architectural project with the Italian pearl mosaics from the Caprici collection used in this context provide a glamorous look.

 Pool designs on the floor,pattern inside the pool iridium mosaics features unique style that can be found in the mosaic patterns covering custom designs to enhance  beauty and elegance of the pool.

Caprici pool tiles represent the luxury look, motifs and custom designs cover  your pool and feature walls to reflect a gorgeous result,elegant, unique and extraordinary beauty.