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About Mosaic Glass Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tile Glass mosaic tile has been around for centuries when the ancient civilizations used tiny bits of glass to create stunning pieces of art. Today of course, how glass tiles are made and how they look has changed significantly for the better in terms of colour, processing and installation, yet the glass mosaic […]

New Style of Glass Tiles

Information on glass tiles including iridescent glass mosaic tiles The fantastic aspect of mosaic tiles are their ability to be versatile and the many styles and design that can be created from these wonderful tiles. Mosaic tiles have been around for centuries and the concept is not new but they have evolved over the years […]

Why use Mosaic Glass Tiles?

The Advantages of Glass Mosaic Tiles Mosaic Tiles have been used for centuries and were renowned for the decoration of grand buildings and large hallways. Today Mosaic Tiles are as popular as ever and with so much design choice, there is certainly a mosaic Tile that will both suit your taste and your current decor. […]

History of Mosaic Glass Tiles – Part 2

Glass Mosaic Tile Series –part 2: How to Tell if a Glass Mosaic Tile Has Good Quality or not   There are several glass mosaic tiles available in the market today (we cover that in our part 1 article). But in terms of manufacturing, there are mainly two kinds: vitreous glass mosaic tile and crystal […]

History of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tile Series- Part 1: Why Glass Mosaic is a Great Building Material for Architects, Interior Designers and Home Improvement Diys History Mosaic history can be tracked back to 2000 B.C. in ancient China. And glass mosaic becomes popular in architecture during the period of Risorgimento (Renaissance).  Glass mosaic have been extremely popular in […]

Tips on how to clean your swimming pool

Tips on Cleaning Your Pool   When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool, blue pool. If you have your own personal pool, you can enjoy it whenever you like! Numerous men and women like to use the public pools because the cost, care and maintenance of a personal pool is […]

Caprici Collections

Not only manufactured with the highest quality but are also functionality durable and water resistant. The glass tiles range by Caprici represent a  selection of mosaic moods / Glass tiles add an element of luxury and the unique reflective properties of glass create glamour.
The unique designs can be custom made to suit your surroundings and […]