Glass Pool Tile wholesaler

With years of experience by our side, in tiling experiences, Pool Tiles Caprici serves every tiling need to all sectors of Brunswick.

Many Years of Experience in Swimming Pools Tiles

The Caprici glass tile brand has grown  in popularity and unlike some other stone or ceramic options, glass tile acts as an instant reflector of light. The reflective qualities make the spaces feel larger.

Why choose us ?

Pool Tiles Caprici is an exclusive vendor of the opulent Caprici Glass Pool Tiles. Our prices are usually the ones quoted the best in the market. A custom design, with access to various colors along with a vast range of products is what allows us to make a difference, in any architectural project.

Glass pool tile comes in a range of colors, shapes, patterns and designs that can all be customized to suit your personal tastes from unique floral patterns or the standard blue colors.

Glass swimming pool tiles also have more functional benefits; as they are extremely watertight, so you don’t have to worry about water permeating the surface and causing a sudden onset of mould.

Why choose glass tiles?

Tiles for swimming pools are best delivered in the correct form along with the flexibility of professional quality and affordable service charges. These have long been the pillars to Caprici’s Success.We are one of the most talked about tiling firms in Brunswick.