About Mosaic Glass Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tile has been around for centuries when the ancient civilizations used tiny bits of glass to create stunning pieces of art. Today of course, how glass tiles are made and how they look has changed significantly for the better in terms of colour, processing and installation, yet the glass mosaic tile is still a popular choice among consumers.

Glass is a great substance to use on walls because it reflects light making smaller rooms appear larger and creating a light and airy feel to your space. Glass is easy to keep clean and because it is non-porous it will not absorb any dirt, bacteria or moisture. All of these factors along with it being durable and long lasting make glass mosaic tile the perfect choice for use in kitchens and bathrooms, or any other areas that are prone to moisture.

In the bathroom, glass mosaic looks lovely as a shower surround, a bathtub surround or on the wall to create a spa-like effect. Specialty tiles are available that have been treated and have slip resistance are perfect for use on the bathroom floor to complete the look. Whether you choose to do all of your bathroom in glass tiles or use them just in one area, the look is modern without looking overdone. With all of the different colours and finishes available now the consumer will have no trouble finding the perfect one for all their needs.

Over in the kitchen, glass mosaic tiles make for interesting and colorful backsplashes that will simply wipe clean. They won’t discolor or fade, so your color choices will look amazing year after year. Many colors and combinations of finishes are available so you can make your space unique and because glass tiles are frost proof they can be used indoors and out, so lining a pool with them or using them in an outdoor kitchen or spa area is also possible, and the look—amazing.

Easy to install and hard to beat, the glass mosaic tile makes a great design choice for many rooms in your home. Because it doesn’t matter if they get wet, they also make a great choice for the laundry room or a mudroom because clean-up is fast and easy and will never change the look of your tile, no matter how many times you scrub them down. Check out the amazing selection and variety of glass mosaic tiles when considering what to do with your next bathroom or home renovation project.

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