About Mosaic Glass Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tile

Glass mosaic tile has been around for centuries when the ancient civilizations used tiny bits of glass to create stunning pieces of art. Today of course, how glass tiles are made and how they look has changed significantly for the better in terms of colour, processing and installation, yet the glass mosaic tile is still a popular choice among consumers.

Glass is a great substance to use on walls because it reflects light making smaller rooms appear larger and creating a light and airy feel to your space. Glass is easy to keep clean and because it is non-porous it will not absorb any dirt, bacteria or moisture. All of these factors along with it being durable and long lasting make glass mosaic tile the perfect choice for use in kitchens and bathrooms, or any other areas that are prone to moisture.

In the bathroom, glass mosaic looks lovely as a shower surround, a bathtub surround or on the wall to create a spa-like effect. Specialty tiles are available that have been treated and have slip resistance are perfect for use on the bathroom floor to complete the look. Whether you choose to do all of your bathroom in glass tiles or use them just in one area, the look is modern without looking overdone. With all of the different colours and finishes available now the consumer will have no trouble finding the perfect one for all their needs.

Over in the kitchen, glass mosaic tiles make for interesting and colorful backsplashes that will simply wipe clean. They won’t discolor or fade, so your color choices will look amazing year after year. Many colors and combinations of finishes are available so you can make your space unique and because glass tiles are frost proof they can be used indoors and out, so lining a pool with them or using them in an outdoor kitchen or spa area is also possible, and the look—amazing.

Easy to install and hard to beat, the glass mosaic tile makes a great design choice for many rooms in your home. Because it doesn’t matter if they get wet, they also make a great choice for the laundry room or a mudroom because clean-up is fast and easy and will never change the look of your tile, no matter how many times you scrub them down. Check out the amazing selection and variety of glass mosaic tiles when considering what to do with your next bathroom or home renovation project.

New Style of Glass Tiles

Information on glass tiles including iridescent glass mosaic tiles

The fantastic aspect of mosaic tiles are their ability to be versatile and the many styles and design that can be created from these wonderful tiles. Mosaic tiles have been around for centuries and the concept is not new but they have evolved over the years and there are now more styles and designs that can be used to create absolutely any design style. Mosaic tiles do not have follow a pattern and home owners can create their own design style which makes using and creating mosaic designs very exciting.

Mosaic tiles can be any tile material and there are plenty of them, glass tile mosaics are beautiful and very widely used in both bathrooms and kitchens but there are different types of glass tile mosaics. The iridescent glass mosaic tiles offer many colour variations and this particular style of glass will add shimmer and wonderful mirror image colours that can create real illusions for bathrooms and kitchens. Iridescent glass tile mosaics can be used on backsplash areas and in shower areas within the bathroom where a combination of two colours can be used to create a real individual design style.

The vitreous glass tile mosaics are fabulous tiles that are incredibly strong and durable, resistant to frost and will last the test of time. These beautiful tiles are available in many colour variations and will add real design and style. They are commonly used within the home but because they are so versatile, they are commonly used in exterior applications such as swimming pools where they will create a real colour mirage with the combination of lights and water.

The colours available in the vitreous mosaic glass tiles are endless and they fit in beautifully with traditional, contemporary and very modern settings. The tiles can be purchased on a sheet for easy installation or home owners can purchase the mosaic tiles individually and make up their own unique design style.

Travertine mosaic tiles are another very popular mosaic tile to use within the home and they can be used almost anywhere. Travertine has been used as a building material for many years and as well as its strength, it offers outstanding beauty for the home.  The rich gold shades of travertine mosaic tiles will blend in and compliment any existing decor and they can be used on backsplash areas and in many places around the bathroom.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to mosaic tiles and home owners should take the time to look at the different options, as there are many.

Why use Mosaic Glass Tiles?

The Advantages of Glass Mosaic Tiles
Mosaic Tiles have been used for centuries and were renowned for the decoration of grand buildings and large hallways. Today Mosaic Tiles are as popular as ever and with so much design choice, there is certainly a mosaic Tile that will both suit your taste and your current decor.

The attraction of Mosaic Tiles is that you can create large central designs that will simply take your breath away or you can create intimate pieces intermittently in your own design pattern. Mosaic Tiles give you the opportunity to create your own individual design.

Glass tiles are incredibly popular tiles and they make great additions to bathroom and kitchens and for the same reason glass mosaics are equally as popular. Glass mosaics come in the most beautiful colours and designs that will add real design and elegance to any kitchen or bathroom.

Glass mosaics can be used in many areas in a bathroom; bathroom backsplash areas are one place where mosaics are popular. A real design can be made of this area that will make a real focal point of both smaller and larger bathrooms.  Glass mosaics are readily available and are easy to clean; other advantages include their ability to withstand hot and cold temperatures and their ability to not absorb water which is vitally important in bathrooms and kitchens. Glass Mosaics are also very easy to clean and will maintain their appearance with little effort.

Glass Mosaics can also be used behind towel rails and around the bath area and remember there is always the option to mix other tiles such as ceramic or porcelain with Mosaics. Glass Mosaics are an elegant tile and are one of the most popular for home owners, they are also incredibly popular in swimming pool areas, grand designs can be used over this large area, usually on the floor of the swimming pool which will reflect the light and create a real focal point.  Glass mosaics come in different forms, some are transparent, others reflective and because they are non porous they are ideal for places like swimming pools. They are also unlikely to stain and will maintain their appearance for many years which is very important in this particular area.

Glass mosaics are great whatever your design taste and because there are so many different designs and colours, there will almost certainly be a glass mosaic Tile that will be perfect for you.

History of Mosaic Glass Tiles – Part 2

Glass Mosaic Tile Series –part 2: How to Tell if a Glass Mosaic Tile Has Good Quality or not


There are several glass mosaic tiles available in the market today (we cover that in our part 1 article). But in terms of manufacturing, there are mainly two kinds: vitreous glass mosaic tile and crystal glass mosaic tile.

One type is Vitreous Glass Mosaic Tile, which was the original glass mosaic tile and has been used widely to make swimming pool. To tell the quality if it is good or not, the hardness is the key thing you need to ask. Vitreous glass mosaic tile is not as strong as crystal glass mosaic although when it installed, inside the grout it will stay there for lifetime. You can tell the hardness by scratching the surface of the glass mosaic tile by your finger nail. If it can be easily scratched, then it may be a little problem. The second thing is that you if the color is consistent. Use your common sense and judgment on this.

For crystal Glass Mosaic Tile, the most popular glass mosaic in terms of total sales volume in North American glass tile market. One thing you need to pay attention is: for quality glass mosaic, the mosaic after the color is being coated should be put into the high temperature kiln to make the color stay for life time. Therefore, when you are buying glass mosaic, make sure that you ask your glass mosaic vendor the question “if the back color coating is fired?” some glass mosaic factories, the bad ones, to save money on the manufacturing process, do not go through this process thus will create big color fading problems in 1 or 2 years.

If a factory skips the kiln firing process, they save hugely on the fuel costs (the most equipment use fuel oil or natural gas to heat the kiln) and labor costs. Thus there will be price difference between quality glass mosaic and defective glass mosaic; therefore, you need to ask your vendors and they need to be honest for their answers. Sometimes, there are chances that some distributors or showroom stores do not even know the trick here, if they simply ask for low price from their suppliers or manufacturers, or get their sources from the lowest price bid, they may have the problem that they do not even be aware of. That is something you need to watch out and look into their eyes to make sure they know what your question “”if your glass mosaic back color coating is fired?” mean.


History of Glass Mosaic Tiles

Glass Mosaic Tile Series- Part 1: Why Glass Mosaic is a Great Building Material for Architects, Interior Designers and Home Improvement Diys


Mosaic history can be tracked back to 2000 B.C. in ancient China. And glass mosaic becomes popular in architecture during the period of Risorgimento (Renaissance).  Glass mosaic have been extremely popular in Asia during the 1980s and become diminishing in 1990s. However, in the earlier of 21st century, with the new technology development, glass mosaic comes back strongly in Asia and becoming more and popular in North America since 2004.

Merits of glass mosaic characteristics

The new manufacturing technology seems that nothing is impossible in terms of colors, sizes, styles, as well as materials used in glass mosaic. So the great variety is a distinguishing characteristic of this building material. Also, glass mosaics have very broad spectrum of applications due to its IMPERVIOUS nature. Glass does not absorb any water (a technical materials term as “zero water absorption rate) thus it has no shrinkage or expansion issue thus can be used both indoor and outdoor applications.  A lot of materials have due to materials can absorb water inside thus will have the expansion or shrinkage problem when the temperature changes, when the water absorption rate exceeds a certain degree, it can not be used as outdoor materials, for example, ceramic tiles, the ANSI standard define the water absorption rate is less than 0.5% which can be used as outdoor building products.

Big variety of applications

Glass mosaics can be used for a variety of building Installations such as both indoors and outdoors, for residential flooring (if the surface is polished, not recommended for flooring application for the slippery), walls, Pillars & Columns , artwork, furniture, baths, kitchens and swimming pools.  Your imagination is the limit for the application for a building, thus it attracts architects and interior designers’ attention but DIYs can also certainly use the glass mosaic to shine your remodeling project. Appropriate usage of glass mosaic may refresh your eyes everyday after the glass mosaic tile installed.

With today’s manufacturing technology, glass mosaic can be custom made based on your design, if you are talking to the real manufacturers with the updated technology and expertise. The turnaround time to make a custom sample can be amazingly as short as 5 business days. Yes. 5 business days to make a sample based on the size, color code or a real sample you get from somewhere else is a realistic which is not even can be imagined 5 years ago.

Materials used to make the glass mosaics

Originally, glass mosaic type is vitreous glass mosaic, which was used widely to make swimming pool. But with the fast technology and workmanship developed during the past 5 to 10 years, glass mosaic evolved to the main categories in addition to the original vitreous glass mosaic as:

1.       crystal glass mosaic, which can be see through so it gets the name as “crystal”, but with the color paints on the back of the mosaic makes thousands of colors are possible;

2.       iridescent glass mosaic, which have iridescent coatings on the surface of glass mosaic to make the glass mosaic reflecting different colors, which is great materials for night club, casino and entertainment places’ decoration;

3.       metallic glass mosaic, this is a very special materials that the color is not on the back of a mosaic, but the color is melted into the fusion of glass in a extremely high temperature environment. When the glass fusion out of the kiln and cool down, the color is part of the glass inside evenly distributed thus the color is through the whole mosaic.

4.       Van Gogh glass mosaic, which went through the similar manufacturing process as metallic glass mosaic. The difference is that metallic glass can be told that it is obviously glass but the Van Gogh glass mosaic kindly give you the oil paint texture of its surface.

5.       Stone glass mosaic. Stone mosaic is another kind of great decorative building materials for more than 2000 years history. People are creatively blending the glass and natural stone to make it stone glass mosaic, which usually have high level of luxury but also very natural.

Giving the high demand and competition among manufacturers, we believe the innovation will be taking place fast and new types of glass mosaic could be created from time to time.

Tips on how to clean your swimming pool

Tips on Cleaning Your Pool


When it’s hot outside, there’s nothing better than jumping into a cool, blue pool. If you have your own personal pool, you can enjoy it whenever you like! Numerous men and women like to use the public pools because the cost, care and maintenance of a personal pool is too high.

However it doesn’t have to be! Learning how to clean your personal pool is a wonderful method to save on your monthly bill and also help make sure you know what is going in to your water. Follow these actions and you can be on your way to a clean swimming pool in no time!

1. You’ll require a couple of tools for the job. Get together a leaf skimmer, a swimming pool vacuum, a wall and floor brush, an algae cleaner plus a tile brush. These tools are need for ultimate protection.

2. Use a swimming pool vacuum for the walls and floor of the pool to clean the pool a minimum of one time each week, even if your pool has an automatic cleaning pump installed.

This way you know for certain that just about every surface has been cleaned properly, as a lot of automatic-cleaning systems and vacuums can miss parts in the swimming pool. Invest additional time around the corners and stairs that may not get the same kind of circulation of water, thus not get cleaned out as much. Vacuum back and forth across the swimming pool, overlapping slightly on each and every stroke so that you are covering the whole pool with your vacuum.

3. Use the leaf skimmer to grab any floating objects (leaves, mostly) ahead of time. Do this so that they do not sink to the bottom in the swimming pool and make it harder to clean out. By keeping up with this on a regular basis, you assure that the pool’s circulation system stays at maximum efficiency and also you cut down the need to put in dangerous chemicals like chlorine.

4. Clean out the strainer baskets and keep them fresh at all times by cleaning them out frequently. This is vital for the function in the circulation system to work properly. The automated circulation system is probably the pool’s greatest tool for staying clean without maintenance. Do this at least once a week, particularly if your vacuum is connected to its personal skimmer.

5. Clean the pool walls at the very least after a week, so you may distinct them of calcium scale and algae buildup. Pick your cleaning method based on the type of pool you have. If you own a plaster-lined concrete pool, it is proably best to use a stiff clean. If you have a simple fiberglass or vinyl pool, you may need a softer cleaning method. The same is true of tiled pools.

6. You need to check the pH of your pool regularly to make sure that bacteria and algae don’t flourish. Use a sanitizer to assist in fighting bacteria, and shock the pool on a regular basis to retain the drinking water as clear as probable.

These are just some of the basics of keeping your pool clean, good luck!